Glitch Bitch’s Music

Our music was scattered into pieces as it entered the atmosphere. The luminous bits were sent hither and thither. A strawberry–sized fragment crashed through the ceiling of a young scientist’s bedroom, bounced off a synthesizer, and knocked the headphones off of the startled child. After careful analysis using experimental listening techniques, the child discovered that the fragment was composed of a variety of electronic elements, including Jungle, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Disco House, Acid Techno, Gabber, Braindance, Industrial, and Ambient. “I have never experienced this sort of thing,” the child reported. “Separately these elements are relatively common, but to find them bunched together in this kind of unstable hotchpotch is rare.”

If you are a DJ and would like to play our music on your show, contact us at hotmail @ gltch.


Music on Computers album cover

Music on Computers

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Traditional folk electronicaaaaaah.
Released 2011.

  1. twelf
  2. small audio glitch
  3. laptop wankers
  4. How to Make Sound
  5. massIF
  6. Monster
  7. Breaking Beats
  8. can never get it right
  9. Da Party Don’t Start ’til the Needle Drop
  10. Neverywhere
Music for My Clients' Needs album cover

Music for My Clients’ Needs

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Vapid rave hits for the new millenium.
Contains audio contributions from The Sound Fairy and Poppy G.
Released 2011.

  1. First Song
  2. 1-0-0-1
  3. CHUNKY Like My Salsa
  4. Lost in Bimbo Land
  5. Pose(ur) for the Camera
  6. When in India do as the Hindu
  7. I Want a Cuddle
  8. Hipsterpartymus
  9. Music for my Clients’ Needs
Music for Attention Deficit album cover

Music for Attention Deficit

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a.k.a. mFAD.
Contains audio contributions from Peter D.C. and Casey Asper.
Released 2003.

  1. Randumb
  2. flatulence
  3. Tiny
  4. L’Anguish de L’Angst
  5. We Come From Venus
  6. I am a clone
  7. 8 bits of my sandwich
  8. Amen Brutha!
  9. Loner
  10. Boom
  11. Bloody Valentine’s Day
THEME album cover


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Glitch Bitch’s first album.
Contains audio contributions from Peter D.C. and Little Elf.
Released 2002.

  1. Gltch Btch Theme
  2. snap crackle and gltch
  3. blip pop
  4. undrgrnd all arnd
  5. n-vwls mks-gltch
  6. XLR (Short Mix)
  7. ixnay on the eatsbay
  8. im so trndy it hurts (dsco bts)
  9. cantthinkofanamesoimadeupthisweirdassglitchone (Short Mix)

Remix Compilations (People Remixing G.B.)

Gltch Btch Remixed album cover

Gltch Btch Remixed

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Songs from Glitch Bitch's first two albums remixed by Arthur Loves Plastic, Cerebral (Matt Tuozzo/Red Joy Reid), CrashTV, Chaoboi (Trey Lane), Talithaa (Victoria Lukas/Zerkalo), and many others.
“I am a clone (I am a clown) (ALP vs. Gltch Btch)” also appears on the Arthur Loves Plastic album “Love or Perish”.
Released 2005.

  1. Bloody Valentine’s Day (4BV Mix)
  2. Bloody Valentine’s Day (crashtv remix)
  3. Bloody Valentine’s Day (Beltway Park Mix)
  4. Bloody Valentine’s Day (Tidy Son, Lady Love Bane)
  5. Bloody Valentine’s Day (Reveal mix)
  6. Blip Blop (Talithaa Mix)
  7. I am a clone (uglimix)
  8. I am a clone (-D!rTy-nUn-m!x-)
  9. I am a clone (Cerebral Mix)
  10. I am a clone (I am a clown) (ALP vs. Gltch Btch)
  11. I am a clone (UNCLEANCLONE)
  12. Randumb (AbusedCurrent Detroit Remix)
  13. Randumb (Transient’s Randumbizer Mix)
  14. Randumb (Ahknaten loves the Aten remix)
  15. Randumb (Chaoboi Mix)
  16. Randumb (autodestruction mix by elektrosniper)
  17. Randumb (DJ Beyonder Mix)
  18. Randumb (Davebot's Strain)
  19. Snap Crackle and Randumb (hyperdelia)
  20. Snapcrackle (gErBiLs rEvENgE)
  21. Snp Crckle N Btch (Acrnym Die! Die! Remix)
  22. Tiny (corpulentRmx)

Remixes by Glitch Bitch


Big Black Dog (Gltch Btch Mix)
Fields (Blue Gltch)
Fields (Happy Gltch)

Artist: Ink1.
Remixed in 2003 & 2004.


FUNCgLIT (GB Vocal Mix)

Artist: Gram Heavy.
Remixed in 2003.

Talkshow Boy - Ice Police RMXZ album cover

Ice Police (Gltch Btch’s Love Mix)

Artist: Talkshow Boy.
Appears on Ice Police Rmxz.
Originally released through The Pocketclock Recording Company (CLS001R).
Released 2003.


Prayer for the Elements (Gltch Btch Remix)

Artist: Transient (aka Fascinating Earthbound Objects).
Remixed in 2005.

Phallus Uber Alles - Brawl at the Boys and Girls Club album cover

Brawl at the Boys and Girls Club (Gltch Btch Remix)

Artist: Phallus Über Alles.
Appears on Five Fingers Make A Fist - Disc 2 - Brawl at the Boys and Girls Club.
D-Trash Records (DTRASH129.2).
Released 2009.