Our Crushes

Hi cutie, been watching you from afar. Will you be mine? We could collaborate and make music babies.

Aphex Twin / Richard D. James
Makes my brain dance in unusual ways.
Andrea Parker / Touchin’ Bass
No one darker than this electro Miss.
Nice algoRhythms, mates.
Boards of Canada
They help me escape into chill-out bliss.
The Orb
U.F.Orb abductions into outer space.
Future Sound of London
Trippy audio journeys into exotic environments.
Robots in Disguise
Excellent mix of punky electro and a bit of new wave.
Drum ’n’ bass insanity.
Girl Talk
Legal or not, this gets your ass moving.
Mr. Oizo
A puppet... is... head banging.
In the beginning...
Victoria Lukas
Stimulating to the mind and all the senses. Passion, darkness, and beauty. Totally crushworthy.
CrashTV / Slunq / Peter D.C.
Genius electronic rock.
Trey Lane
A true experimental artist of all mediums.
The Square Root of Evil
She makes silly and danceable tunes, just how I like them.
Pegasuses / Nick Noeding, Jr
A great sound, massive drums, and a touch of shoegaze. LOVE Music For Soundtracks.
Some of the most creative electronic music I’ve heard. Unique sound.
Talkshow Boy
Love is such an incredible thing.
Arthur Loves Plastic
Nearly 20 albums in 15 years — talk about prolific!
Time to relax to some well–crafted beats.
Listen to Three Seas & One Bottle late at night.
Delia Derbyshire
She recorded the Doctor Who theme. Time to worship. A woman ahead of her time!
John Cage
Sit at a piano and don’t play it. Now THAT’s music.
Warp Records
Home to so many innovative electronic music favs.
Groundbreaking record label by Kid606.
Rephlex Records
We will miss you. AFX’s own, a mix of weird and cool.