Who are YOU?

Glitch Bitch (hereinafter referred to as “I”) likes to make electronic music. Some people really like it. Some people think it is odd music and imagine that I am a very intense, crazy person. In actuality I am rather common — not like a cold, nor is it to say that I am very prevalent or popular. I am in fact of quite sound mind. Of course, if you’d like to know what my mind sounds like, you’ll need to listen to my music. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about I, here are a few questions and answers.

  1. I found a band that goes by “Glitch Bitch”, with the I’s. Is that you?
    • I am the first, real, original Glitch Bitch, sometimes written as Gltch Btch [sic], gltchbtch or glitchbitch, but never GlitchBitch.
      Beware of imposters! I’ve never DJ’ed, done bootleg mashups, spelled my name in alternating letter case, nor have I ever stepped foot in Russia.
  1. Why have I never heard of you?
    • Funny, I’ve never heard of you either, you ‘nobody’.
    • Fame comes easiest to weird guitar–playing cowboys who prance around naked in Times Square.
    • Perhaps you’ll help us change that by telling your friends!
    • Wait until we sell out!
  1. Why did you used to have no I’s in Gltch Btch?
  1. Why does Gltch Btch have no eyes? To see you not.
    • To see you not.
  1. Nice party. So what do you do?
    • When not making music, I rest in my coffin and await the next dusk.
    • I fiercely protect my pot o’ gold from foreclosure by greedy banks.
  1. I listened to your music. It’s not very good. (Why?)
    • The purpose of evil music is to counterbalance good music.
  1. Who are you really?
    • “I ca’n’t explain MYSELF, I’m afraid, sir, … because I’m not myself, you see.“
      — Charles Lutwidge Dodgson via Lewis Carroll via Alice

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